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The Soul’s Journey Into Light

Through Revelation

Would you like to embrace a miracle? Would you like the Holy Spirit to create inner transformations within your life? What if you could learn some of the spiritual causes of sickness, and ways to bring about perfect health?

Each one of us is unique, as God’s handiwork, and with a specific purpose to realize here on this earth. We discover our true purpose and spiritual gifts as we travel our journey together with Him. As we meet and conquer the challenges He lays out for us, we develop a deeper relationship with Him in our hearts and souls, and experience ongoing renewals in the core of our being.

This book offers a different interpretation of Revelation, to serve as a resource on your soul’s journey. It is a supplement to the many commentaries on Revelation describing the second coming of Christ. Revelation is our gateway for all of us who yearn for Paradise and long to be fully united with Him, as we were in the beginning. Our soul’s journey is our journey through Revelation.

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Jesus is your guide. And He’s waiting for you now.



The Soul’s Journey Into Light

The Soul’s Journey Into Light